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Make textiles on both sides of the Taiwan straits smarter
"Smart and technology textiles will be the fastest growing new sector in the future." At a recent seminar on the development of intelligent textile and apparel design across the Taiwan straits held by shi shi shi, director of the center for textile and material industry research at fengjia university in Taiwan, Dr Cheng guobin said.
At present, many textile enterprises have taken automation, information, intelligence as the breakthrough, seeking transformation and upgrading. Zheng Guobin said, speed up the development of intelligent products is to promote the textile industry is an important aspect of intelligent manufacturing, also improved varieties, quality and brand strategy of "doctrine" is an important measure.
In a "smart textile integration innovation" as the theme of the seminar, participants around intelligent fiber weaving, smart, intelligent finishing technology for communication, coordination to promote the development of intelligent textile and garment industry.
According to Lin chia-hong, director general of the Taiwan textile engineering society, the fabric used in clothing is shi's strong point. "Many people don't know that some intelligent textiles with functions such as comfort, sensing and intelligent research and evaluation are developed from industrial textiles." Lin said that through the seminar, people will share their own things and jointly promote the development of intelligent textiles.
Intelligent textiles for now textile industry the development belt of opportunities and innovations, and at the same time facing the enterprise consciousness to strengthen, talent gap is larger and fusion between regions and the imbalance of the development problem, need on both sides of the industry further "hand in hand.